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3 Questions to Ask A Victoria BC Custom Home Builder


Thinking of Building a Custom Home?

You’ve been searching for that dream home and to fill that wish list you’ve decided to build a custom home. You have decided though that you will be needing to hire a contractor to oversee the build. There are some important questions to ask as you interview the custom home builders in Victoria BC to be sure the project goes smoothly.

Can we see your past work?

Think of hiring a builder as you might if you were to hire anyone, you’ll want to see their resume’ and take a look at their work history, skills and years of experience. The first thing you will want to find out is how long they’ve been building in the Victoria area and do they have a good understanding of the local area. It’s important for a builder to have an intimate understanding of the local permits and codes so your home will be completed without any red tape.

How long with each stage of construction take?

You’ll want to know how long each stage of construction will take and when you can expect it to be completed. Ask if the company can provide a fixed start date and completion date including all major milestones for example lockup, drywall etc. A detailed materials list should be provided by the builder and be informed as to how change orders will affect the project’s timeline. Being able to check in regularly and how you will communicate any questions or concerns with the builder should be established as well.

What happens with revisions?

Everyone would like to see the project go smoothly, the reality is at times changes occur when revisions are made to the initial specifications resulting in additional expenses or overages on the allowance schedule. When this happens your contractor will get pricing for the new components and make a written change order. Be sure you are clear on how this will be handled as this can be one of the biggest causes of friction between builders and clients. Change orders can add expense and time delays so be sure this line of communication is clear and detailed in your contract.

We hope that you ask these questions when you are looking for a custom home builder here in Victoria. Contact us today to start a conversation about building your custom home.

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