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5 Steps to a Smooth Home Building Process


Find Success and Peace of Mind by Following Our 5-Step Process

Building a home in Victoria can be both a rewarding and stressful event in your life. However, with proper planning and realistic expectations, you can smooth out the process nicely. Here are some great steps to consider when building a new house.

1. Determine Wants and Needs

The first to any project, especially building a house is establishing the most important items on your list. What are your wants and needs. Fully understanding the difference between the two are fundamentals of being able to make good decisions regarding your custom home building.

2. Sticking to a Budget

A couple of tricks of the trade are to remember to include the building fees, property tax, purchase of the land, construction cost, engineering costs, and lastly landscaping and interior design if you’re not a do it yourselfer. Communicate about budget with your Victoria Custom Home Builder to ensure your expectations are on par.

3. Choose a Location

After you’ve decided on budget, the next step will be finding the right location for your new home. A few important things to consider are, how long do you plan on spending in this new house? Are you going to need schools close by? What about proximity to grocery stores, are you ok with a twenty-minute drive or is it ideal to walk?

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4. Choose the right Custom Home Builder in Victoria

This is almost as important as choosing the right life partner! Well maybe not but close. The more experience and knowledge your builder has the smoother your process will go. They will know the building codes for Victoria. Communication is key in building a home and great home builders have great communication skills.

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5. Take Your Time with Choosing a House Plan

One of the biggest and costly mistakes people make when building a house is changing their mind multiple times on big items. Rebuilding and changing the plan adds time, money and stress to your building process, so take your time making the decision on the plans and make sure it suits your wants and needs.

We hope the above tips will help you with a smooth home building process. Contact us at LIDA Construction if we can be of any assistance with your custom home building plans.

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