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6 Benefits of Building a New Custom Home


6 Benefits of Building a New Custom Home

There are many reasons to build a custom home in Victoria BC rather than buying an existing home. Although it takes longer than just buying a home, the benefits are well worth it. Here are six benefits on building a new custom home.

1 – Newer Products are Healthier

Gone are the days when toxic chemicals are allowed in home construction. Things like formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, fungicides and heavy metals are still present in older homes but custom home builders in Victoria choose healthier options.

2 – Customize to your lifestyle and taste

You’re in the driver seat and are in control of pretty much everything, from floor plans, finishes, paint, hardware not to mention neighbourhood. Instead of settling for someone else’s choices you get to pick everything.

3 – Newly Built Homes are Greener

Advances in technology means you’re helping the planet with energy efficient appliances, a house that sealed properly, even low flow toilets if you wish. This reduces energy consumption and your utility bills. Dishwashers, ovens/stoves, washers and dryers have all come a long way in respect to energy efficiency. Older homes can be renovated or appliances replaced but it means an added expense and sometimes that can be pretty significant.

4 – Quicker Appreciation

Over the first 5 years of ownership, new homes appreciate faster. Older homes appreciate too, but just not as quickly. The demand for custom homes in new neighbourhoods will always be higher than older homes in older neighbourhoods, this makes the value increase.

5 – New Homes are more Durable

Engineered materials coupled with a quality custom home builder means you’ll be spending less on home maintenance over the years you own your home. You’ll also spend less time maintaining your home too. Appliances are built to last longer. Exciting new more resilient finishes are coming onto the market every week. If something does wear out it will probably be covered by a warranty.

6 – New Homes are Safer

New homes are much safer than older homes. Fire retardant insulation and carpet, along with wired in smoke detectors with battery back ups are just a few small examples of how far building codes have come in regards to safety. Your Victoria custom home builder will know all the new codes to ensure your house is as safe as possible.

Contact us at LIDA Construction if we can be of any assistance if you are looking for an experienced and transparent custom home builder.

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