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Best Exterior Finishings For Your Home


Exterior House Finishes: from Stucco to Hardieplank and Everything in Between

When you are planning to buy a custom home there are a lot of decisions to be made, and one of the most important is the type of exterior finish you want. The type of siding or other exterior finish you choose for your home will be one of the first things people notice as they drive by or come over to visit. 

It’s important to take the time to consider all your options when it comes to types of siding – from stucco to Hardieplank and everything in between. 

At LIDA Construction, we want to provide you with reliable and honest information so you can make the best choices for your new home’s exterior siding.

Picking the right exterior siding to complement the architecture of the home can be an incredible way to boost its curb appeal – an important factor should you ever decide to sell in the future.  

Take a look through our gallery of recent custom home builds for some exterior finishing inspiration.

Exterior Finishes – Different Options for your Custom Home

Brick and Stone Exterior Options 

Brick and Stone Siding

Not only can brick and stone be used for your entire home exterior, but they work well to complement other exterior finishes such as stucco or wood siding.

  • Brick or stone is a beautiful classic look on any home, giving you lots of different options in terms of colours, textures and sizes.
  • Brick and stone siding will actually keep homes cooler than other sidings, making it a very energy-efficient option during summer months and in hotter climates. 
  • Brick and stone siding does, however, require some maintenance to retain its appearance and durability. In a damp climate, the brick may require sporadic cleaning and mortar may wear down over time and require some upkeep after a number of years. 

Brick & Stone Veneer
Brick or stone veneer is a great option if you want to have a brick or stone accent on part of your home’s exterior.

  • Brick veneer is a  cost-effective option if you are hoping for real brick but just can’t make it work within your budget. Veneer can give you the warm look of real brick at a fraction of the cost in material and labour. 
  • Stone veneer, however, is one of the most expensive options for siding, especially if it’s made with real rocks.
  • Brick and stone veneers come in many options including painted brick. 
  • Although it can be susceptible to moisture, when installed by experts, brick and stone veneer should require very little maintenance. 

Wood Siding Options

Wood Clapboard 

Wood clapboard or lap siding is something you see a lot around B.C.  It’s moderately priced, has a wide array of styles and types and it makes a great choice if you’re looking for a wood finish.

  • Manufactured from long horizontal wood planks, it is finished so one side is thinner than the other in order to create a seamless overlap. 
  • Unlike other wood options, wood clapboard, or lap siding, can come with a wide variety of wood options including pine, oak, spruce and cedar and it can be painted or stained to achieve a wide spectrum of looks.
  • Wood siding is susceptible to wear and issues such as rot and pests and is not very resistant to fire. Regular maintenance with painting, staining and coating can help prevent these issues. 

One interesting option is to use the Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban where wood is burned to create a gorgeous black finish that can help your siding last over 80 years given the right care. 

Cedar Shingles 

Cedar shingles are a great option if you’re looking for low-maintenance wood with a long, durable lifespan.

  • Cedar shingles are naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial which means they can be used untreated for a natural finish without suffering damage. 
  • If left untreated, cedar shingles will change appearance over time as they age with your home, changing from a bright reddish colour to a pale grey.
  • Cedar is a good energy-saving option which could lead to reduced heating and cooling costs. 
  • Cedar shingles do a great job at keeping the cool air in during the summer and all the cold air out in the winter.

Board and Batten 

Usually added to a home as an accent, board and batten is a beautiful and contemporary option.

  • Created using long vertical boards sealed together with a “batten”. This look is also sometimes referred to as “barn-style” siding. 
  • Board and batten siding is often paired with a painted finish that will give you lots of options for changes down the road as well as adding to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Board and batten siding does have specific installation requirements, which is why it’s important to use an expert installer like the team at LIDA Construction.

Metal Exterior Siding Options

Metal siding is available in a number of options such as steel, aluminium, copper and zinc, which all have similar benefits. Pest-proof, waterproof, fire-resistant and recyclable, they even have a great resale value if you ever want to make a huge change with your home siding choices in the future. 


Aluminium siding is an ideal metal siding choice for anyone living in coastal areas. Being rust resistant, it will last longer in wet areas than any other metal option.

  • Aluminium is incredibly low-maintenance for a metal, simple to wash and easily paintable if you ever want a change in the future.
  • With aluminium being a soft metal, it’s more susceptible to dents and dings over time and it can definitely be a louder option during heavy rains, something we see a lot of here in British Columbia. 

Seamless Steel

Seamless steel siding is stronger than aluminium which means dings and dents will not be a concern and it genuinely is seamless, reducing the risk of leaks.

  • Steel can be finished in a variety of ways including faux wood grain, making it a nice option for those that want the look of wood with easy maintenance. 
  • Although untreated steel will rust and age, it can be protected by being galvanised and painted with a high-end paint finish. This type of finish is extremely long-lasting and hard-wearing and will rarely, if ever, need touch-ups. 


Vinyl Exterior Siding

Traditional and Insulated Vinyl 

Given how easy it is to install and replace, vinyl siding has been one of the top choices for home developers for some time.

  • Vinyl siding is a very affordable and popular siding choice for homeowners and comes in two options: traditional and insulated
  • Both traditional and insulated siding come in a wide variety of colours and textures making them a very versatile option for those looking for a quick way to update the outside of their home. 
  • Historically, vinyl siding has faced some issues with warping and melting in extreme heat, which has required replacement or maintenance. However, vinyl siding manufacturers have been working to address this issue and newer siding is now much more able to cope with higher temperatures.


Fiber Cement and Stucco Sidings

Composite Siding

Growing in popularity, composite siding is an incredibly sustainable option. Made out of recycled materials, composite is a cost-effective and low-maintenance option that will make you feel good about your carbon footprint.

  • Safely treated so that it is resistant to mould, insects and fire and also biodegradable, making it the ideal green option for your home. 
  • Another great perk to using composite siding is a simple wash with eco-friendly soap and water will make it look brand new with little to no effort. 
  • Stucco is one of the most common house exterior finishes seen in British Columbia, as it has been a staple in the creation of all iconic “Vancouver Specials”. 
  • When applied properly and by a trusted team of installers, stucco can be the perfect option for covering a large area of exterior wall.
  • One of the best benefits to stucco is the sheer quantity in variety; both in colours and textures. 
  • Stucco can be at risk of mildew or mould issues and require some maintenance to keep it clean and damage-free.

Fiber Cement or HardiePlank

Fiber Cement, or HardiePlank as it is known, is most commonly made to mimic the look of wood plank materials making it a common choice for many potential home buyers.

  • Although it is more  labour intensive to install, Fiber cement comes with the added benefits of being pest-proof and resistant to rot or colour fading, making maintenance and cleaning very minimal. 
  • This is a great option if you are creating or buying a home that you want to stay looking beautiful for longer with very little intervention from you the homeowner. 

LIDA Construction Can Advise on The Best Siding Options for Your Custom Home

With so many exterior siding and finishing options out there, the choice can be overwhelming. We hope that showing you the benefits to each of the exterior finishing options will help you narrow down what you truly want in your new custom home.

Here at LIDA Construction we are dedicated to making sure your custom home is exactly what you desire  by communicating clearly with our clients through every stage of the process.

Contact us today to ask us more about building your dream custom home.

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