4 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Custom Home Builder In Victoria

Do Your Due Diligence Before Hiring a Custom House Building Company Having a custom home built for you is a big decision. You want to be able to go into the experience feeling confident in the choices you make along the way. We’ve listed four of the main decisions that should help you be prepared. 1 – Your Builder This is probably the most important choice of all and the difference could mean a relatively stress-free build. How many years have they been in business in Victoria? A local custom builder will have knowledge about zoning, bylaws and acquiring building permits from all of the municipalities. Any reputable Victoria, BC custom home builder should have a portfolio for you to look at as well so you can see their work. 2 –… Read more »

Top 3 Areas To Build A Custom Home In Victoria BC

Where to Build Your Custom Home in Victoria If you are new to Victoria, you might be wondering where the best areas are to build a custom home. From our experience, the following three areas are the best. Read on to find out why. Oak Bay Oak Bay is rich in architectural and cultural history. Housing is a diverse blend of late 19th-century style homes. Over the last few years, there has been a lot of West Coast contemporary homes being built in Oak Bay. Oak Bay has limited room for growth which means you will most likely have to buy an existing home and tear it down. Close proximity to the city centre of Victoria and the ocean makes having a custom home built in Oak Bay a very… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask A Victoria BC Custom Home Builder

Thinking of Building a Custom Home? You’ve been searching for that dream home and to fill that wish list you’ve decided to build a custom home. You have decided though that you will be needing to hire a contractor to oversee the build. There are some important questions to ask as you interview the custom home builders in Victoria BC to be sure the project goes smoothly. Can we see your past work? Think of hiring a builder as you might if you were to hire anyone, you’ll want to see their resume’ and take a look at their work history, skills and years of experience. The first thing you will want to find out is how long they’ve been building in the Victoria area and do they have a… Read more »