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How to Choose the Right Victoria Neighbourhood


If you are reading this blog post then you most likely have decided that you want to build a custom home. Fantastic! But where is your dream home going to be located? We wanted to help you figure that out by providing you tips on choosing the right Victoria BC neighbourhood.

Before you read the rest of this blog post, you might want to read our blog post on the top three areas you can build in Victoria BC. If you still aren’t sure what neighbourhood you want to build in, read on and we hope to make the decision a little easier for you.

Make a List of Your Neighbour Wants and Needs

Is it really important for you to be a quick walk to work or is a country setting that is quiet and peaceful more important? Getting clear on what is most important to you will make the decision on choosing the right Victoria neighbourhood much easier. Also talking it over with your family is key. What are they not willing to compromise on? How long do they foresee your family staying in this house, and will their needs change over the long term?

Research Realistic Possibilities

Use a map of Victoria to decide which are realistic possibilities for you. Then google search each potential neighbourhood. What kind of amenities do they have? What amenities are important for you? What type of activities are available? Lastly, talk to your Victoria custom home builder- they may have insider knowledge on many Victoria neighbourhoods.

Visit the neighbourhood

Make time to do a drive-through of each neighbourhood. Then get out and walk around. Go to the shops, restaurants and talk with people of the community. Ask how they like it, how safe they feel? Try to spend as much time here as you can to get a true vibe of the place before making a final decision.

Do another visit at a different time

If you really want to know what it would be like to live in a community you need to get a feel for it during different times. Weekends and weekdays can be very different. Late evening versus mornings will also show a different side of things.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Your Narrowed Down List

Once you have it down to two neighbourhoods and still can’t decide it’s a great idea to make a list. Does one have more Pros than the other? Are the Cons too bad to live with or are you and your family able to compromise because everything else is perfect?

We hope the above tips will help you choose the right neighbourhood in Victoria BC. Contact us at LIDA Construction if we can be of any assistance if you are looking for an experienced and transparent custom home builder.

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