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Modern Farmhouse to Contemporary – Choosing the Architecture of Your Custom Home


What Architectural Styles Are Popular for Victoria, BC Homes? 

For anyone thinking of building their own custom home, one of the biggest decisions to make is the architectural style that the house will have. You want it to be something you enjoy looking at, but will also stand the test of time.

While some people prefer traditional home styles and others would choose ultra-contemporary, a custom home offers the ability to combine a classically styled home with contemporary and practical features such as in the modern farmhouse style.

The architectural style you choose for your custom home will depend on your style preference, plot location, views, terrain, finish preferences and more.

Read on to discover popular home styles that may inspire you.

What are the Different Architectural Home Styles?

Throughout modern history, different architectural house styles developed, which reflected their place in time as well as the climate and landscape of their location. Some commonly seen home architectural styles you may be familiar with include:

Colonial: Simple rectangular shape with symmetrical frontage, window shutters, grand entryway and dormer windows.

Farmhouse: Exposed beams, large front or wrap around porch, wood, brick and stone exterior, exposed beams on interior ceilings.

Craftsman: Solid construction emphasising natural materials on exterior. Symmetrical design with low pitched gable roof, overhanging eaves, wide front porches with tapered columns.

Art Deco: Identifiable by unique rounded corners, smooth walls and flat roof. Bold decoration on exterior usually in a bright contrasting colour.

Mid-Century Modern: Sleek and simple geometric design featuring large windows, a combination of natural and man-made materials and open living plans.

Contemporary: Emphasis on clean lines with natural colours and sustainable materials. Lots of glass and open plan interiors maximize light. Energy efficient and eco-friendly.

What Styles of Home are Popular in Victoria, BC?

If you live in, or are looking to build in, the West Coast of Canada, and specifically Vancouver Island, you will probably have noticed that there are some architectural home designs that are popular here.

Some historic styles can still be seen in parts of the region where original homes still stand, and these are intermingled with the more contemporary, lifestyle-enhancing home styles that have been built in more recent years. 

Drive around any Victoria, BC neighbourhood and you are likely to see:

  • Victorian: These pretty and ornate homes reflected the style of their era. The heritage examples that still exist demonstrate the multi-faceted rooflines, bay windows, asymmetrical shapes, turrets, decorative trims and bright colours that embody this style.
  • Craftsman: This style developed in the early 20th century from the arts and crafts movements that emphasized the use of natural materials. Featuring low-pitched roofs with eaves that overhang large front porches. Wood and stone were traditional exterior materials, while modern versions of this style incorporate shingles and vertical siding.
  • West Coast Style: Influenced by the modernism movement, this style is recognizable by its flat roofs with large overhangs to protect from the frequent west coast rain showers. Large windows make for light and bright open plan interiors. Original versions were mostly finished with untreated wood siding, but newer versions utilize modern materials such as metals and concrete.
  • A-frame: This striking architectural style is recognizable by its steeply sloped roof, full glass frontage and high vaulted ceilings. Although often seen as holiday or lakeside cottages, this style remains a popular choice for those who like a bright, open plan home.
  • Millenium Contemporary: This style became popular with the rise of modern-day minimalism. The sharp geometric lines, flat roofs and glass walls have an ultra modern look when mixed with contrasting exterior materials like concrete, metal and wood.

These styles all remain influential in current custom home design trends in Victoria, BC. 

Why Modern Farmhouse Style is So Popular for Custom Builds

One of the benefits of a custom home is that it can reflect the needs of today’s home buyer for eco-friendly materials and built-in technology, with the floorplans, finishings and colour schemes of their preferred style or styles.

The architectural and decorative features from one home style can be combined with the practicality of another, all pulled together with modern and high-tech finishes for a truly unique finished product.

Lawrie Keogh, Sr. Interior Designer at LIDA Construction thinks the appeal of the Modern Farmhouse trend is a departure from darker earth tones, a move to a lighter, brighter, colour palette – with an emphasis on contrasts between bright fresh white, and pops of black or dark wood accents. “It has a rustic warmth while still being elegant and clean, it’s more traditional but not as fussy.”

The modern farmhouse style is a good example of this blending of tradition with modern practicality and style. The traditional farmhouse style was all about creating a comfortable and cozy space for the family with a focus on the kitchen as a gathering space. 

Modern farmhouse architecture blends contemporary and cozy which is good for people seeking personality alongside practicality. This is done by utilizing warm natural materials like wood, leather, brick and tile in a simplified interior. White walls with dark contrasting roofs and window frames make an eye-catching exterior style.

Modern farmhouse is just one of many traditional and contemporary style blends that are possible when you choose to have your new home custom designed. Custom design and building companies such as LIDA Construction are glad to work with you to create a home that reflects all your style choices.

Which Architectural Style is Right for my Custom Home Build?

When deciding on the architectural style for your custom home, asking the following questions may help you narrow down your choices.

  • What is the dominant style in your new neighbourhood and do you want to blend in or stand out?
  • What is the landscape of your plot like? 
  • Do you want big windows to see a view or are you looking for more privacy?
  • Do you like open plan living?
  • Do you like detail and design or do you prefer sleek lines and minimalism?

If you are still not sure what style you like, try taking this quiz to find out which architectural style fits your personality.

Build Your Custom Home to Your Style in Victoria, BC

When you need a custom home builder who can make your dreams a reality, don’t hesitate to contact LIDA Construction. Our team will communicate with you every step of the journey to ensure your new custom home expresses your personality and style.

Based in Saanich, BC and serving the Greater Victoria area, LIDA has been designing and building custom homes and luxury custom homes since 1998.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your dream home come true.

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