LIDA Homes Inc. – Custom Home Builders in Victoria BC

Let LIDA Homes build you the custom home of your dreams! The people who choose to live here on the Island tend to celebrate and embrace their individuality, and our job is to create a custom home that showcases their unique qualities: custom kitchens to show off your talent for cooking, bathroom renovations to soak away your cares, and ample room for your growing family.

What is a Custom Home Builder?

You live on beautiful Vancouver Island and you’ve found the perfect location for your custom built home. The lot is the right size and it’s surrounded by gorgeous west coast forest. You can smell the brisk ocean air and see the mountains in the distance. All you need now is the perfect home.  Enter LIDA Homes – custom home builders in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The benefits of building a custom home in Victoria, BC, are many. Still, it’s a huge commitment. Thousands of questions are going through your mind.

  • “Where do I build?”
  • “How many bedrooms do I want?”
  • “Do I want hardwood or tile flooring?”

Before you can answer these questions, however, you need to ask, “Who is going to build my house?”

Hiring a custom home builder in Victoria is the best option to get the dream home you’ve always wanted. A custom home builder constructs your dream home in your dream location. It’s built to your specifications, using professionally-designed plans, on land you already own.

LIDA Homes works with you each step of the way to build your custom home.

Why Hire a Custom Home Builder?

Your real estate agent has taken you to what seems like hundreds of houses in Victoria. None have that elusive “wow factor”. It feels like you’ll never find your perfect house so you’re about to give up and take the house that ticks off the majority of your wish list checkboxes.

But there’s another choice: building a custom designed home. Custom homes have many benefits. High-quality construction and finishing materials, as well as an energy-efficient home, are just a few of the benefits.  With LIDA Homes, you’ll also be in direct communication with the people building your house. The most important benefit: you get exactly the home you’ve always wanted.

Control the Design When Building Your New Homecustom built homes in Victoria, BC, Canada

You’ve dreamed of building your dream home for years. You may want a beautiful custom kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, or a spacious family room…or all 3!

At LIDA Homes, we work with you to design and build your dream home – a home that suits your style and lifestyle. Choose your floor plan, flooring, paint colours, trim, and hardware. Custom homes give you choices unavailable in pre-built homes.

Communication During the Home Building Process

Communication is key to a successful project. At LIDA Homes, we know how stressful building a home can be. And a lack of communication just adds to this stress.

That’s why we’ve developed the LIDA Homes Proven Process to remove that level of uncertainty. We are completely transparent with you. We guide you through all the stages of construction. Ask any questions you may have and meet with us regularly to check on the progress of your build. For 20 years we’ve worked with our customers to make sure this exciting time is enjoyable.  Our tradespeople are selected because of their attention to detail and customer service focus, and they’re able to answer your questions before – and during – the construction process.

Managing the Costs of your Custom Home

Since you’re building your new home from the ground up, you’re able to choose where your money is spent.

And with our Project Management Software [YouTube link], you’ll easily be able to see how your project is going. You can view all budget items as well as all communication between LIDA Homes and our trade partners. We document all decisions related to your project. You are in total control of your project throughout the entire process.

At the end of every project, LIDA Homes provides our clients with a Project Book outlining how your dollars were spent on your new build or renovation.

Once a LIDA Homes Customer, Always a LIDA Homes Customer

LIDA Homes’ business mantra is ‘The Pursuit of Complete Customer Satisfaction’. Our obligation to you doesn’t end when your beautiful new home is complete and we hand you the keys. All home builders offer a 2-5-10 Year Warranty, but at LIDA Homes, we take it one step further.

Our team does a walkthrough inspection of your home at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after completion. They will not leave your home until you are completely satisfied because LIDA Homes believes in creating a long-term relationship with our customers. Read more about LIDA’s 2-5-10 warranty.

High End, not High Cost

LIDA Homes - custom home builders in Victoria BC

Building your custom home is an investment. We want to help you keep the costs down without sacrificing quality. You’ve put a lot of effort into finding the right location, and a custom home is a great way to get the most value and enjoyment.

During your custom home construction, we will provide you with a monthly detailed statement. This will allow you to see the current expenses and budget status. We choose to be transparent with our building process – all labour and materials are billed at cost, and our fee is a percentage of the overall construction. It’s important to us that you are informed, involved, and included throughout the entire process. Your satisfaction our priority.

When you’ve decided to build a custom home in Victoria, BC contact LIDA Homes. We’ll build your dream together.

How Do Custom Home Builders Charge?

A contract is a legal agreement between you and the contractor hired to complete your home renovation or build your custom home. Responsible builders and savvy homeowners will have a written contract in place before work begins. Contracts outline each party’s roles and responsibilities, and protects both of your interests. The contract will also include a detailed project plan and outlines what has been agreed to.

Custom home builders use one of four methods to determine the final cost of your project. The method used should be stated clearly in your contract.

  • Fixed-Price Contract
    A Fixed Price Contract sets out total cost of the project, including all labour, materials, sub-contracting costs, equipment rentals, and other costs. Your contract will clearly state if taxes are included in the cost.
  •  Cost-Plus Contract
    A Cost-Plus Contract is based on the actual costs of the project, plus an additional fee to cover the contractor’s time managing the project. The fee is either a fixed amount or a percentage of the costs. This contract is used for large renovation projects where the extent of work cannot be accurately determined in advance. A maximum budget can be put in place to keep costs within budget.
  •  Design-Build Contract
    A Design-Build Contract covers both design and construction of a large project. These are often used for custom home construction and large-scale renovations. The same builder designs and builds the project, hiring contractors as needed. The design-build management fees are a percentage of the total cost.
  •  Unit-Price Contract
    A Unit-Price Contract is based on a per-unit of measurement. For example, backfill is charged by the cubic metre or by area.

LIDA Homes uses a Design-Build Contract. We calculate all costs associated with your project including labour, construction materials, subcontractor fees, etc. We then charge a fee based upon a percentage of budgeted construction costs. All labour and materials are billed at cost.

During the construction of your custom home, you will be provided with a monthly detailed statement. This will allow you to see the current expenses and budget status. It’s important to us that you are informed, involved, and included throughout the entire home building process.

You’ll have a dedicated team of craftsmen and designers working on your project, from start to finish. This allows for increased flexibility during construction, better communication, and a reduction in costs.

Questions to ask Your Home Builder

Selecting the right builder is a key step in the journey of building your custom home or renovation in Victoria, BC. LIDA Homes believes in creating relationships built on trust and communication. You should never feel like you can’t ask questions. You should always know what is happening with your project – are you on time and on budget?

We strongly suggest you do your due diligence prior to hiring a contractor to work on your home. There are three primary considerations when assessing prospective contractors:

  1. Do I trust this person / company?
  2. Are they capable and competent?
  3. Is their estimate reasonable?

We have developed a list of questions you should always ask any potential Victoria BC construction companies you’ve shortlisted.
We’ll highlight some below:

  1. What is the background of your company? How many houses have you built?
  2. What systems or processes do you have in place to ensure that you stay on schedule and on budget?
  3. Are you a transparent builder? Will I know what is happening at each stage of construction?
  4. What happens when the scope of work changes during construction?
  5. What systems or processes do you have in place to ensure you build us a quality home?
  6. What professional associations do you belong to?
  7. What licenses and insurance do you have?
  8. What is your warranty process and policy?
  9. Can we speak to some of your previous clients?

You may have other questions, and we encourage you to ask all of them. Remember, it’s your home that we’re building. You should know what’s happening. LIDA Homes’ team of qualified craftsman, talented designers, and caring individuals is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Their commitment to excellence is what differentiates a LIDA-built custom home and we take great pride in carrying on that tradition.

Committed to Home Building Excellence

We’ve been building custom homes for families throughout Victoria since 1998, and we are a Licensed Residential Builder in good standing with the BC Homeowner Protection Office. From Sooke to Sidney, Oak Bay to Esquimalt, and everywhere in between, we are building a reputation of trust and customer satisfaction with every completed project. You don’t have to take our word for it – our customers are quick to say how happy they are with our construction.

Imagine… it’s summer and you’re sitting on your custom built front porch looking out at the mountains. The sun is setting and you can hear the birds in the trees.  Contact LIDA Homes today to start your journey toward building your dream custom home right here in Victoria, BC, Canada.