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What is The Difference Between a Regular Home Builder and a Luxury Home Builder?


What Makes a Custom Home Builder Stand Out from the Rest? 

Are you considering building a new home and need help choosing the right home builder for you? It’s a big decision. There are so many types of house builders it can be challenging to know where to start.

Should you consider using a general contractor? Or is a custom home builder the right choice? Maybe you’re looking for a luxury home builder but still want it to suit your requirements. Some home builders, like LIDA Homes, are luxury custom home builders that can combine the best of both options.

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the difference between all these house builders?” and, “How do I know which one I should choose?” read on to learn which home builder stands out from the rest. 

What is a Custom Home Builder?

Custom home builders construct, expand or renovate one-of-a-kind homes. They take care of every detail from the initial design to moving in.

Think as small or big as you like. Custom homes don’t need to be large and expensive. Whether you wish to build a simple ranch-style house, a multi-family townhome, or an expansive mansion, custom home builders like LIDA Homes can accommodate your wishes.

Regular Home Builders vs Custom Home Builders

Regular or independent home builders often operate as single-person businesses. So while they could build a custom home, they may need the team of experts, supplier contacts and project management experience that a custom home builder has access to. In addition, regular home builders often purchase a lot, construct, and then sell the home.

Using a standard home builder can be more affordable than a custom home builder, as they are more likely to build from existing plans rather than creating one for you. However, be careful that any cost savings are not at the expense of a good and legal job. 

Compared to independently built homes, custom homes can be more costly because of exquisite materials, unique features, and high-quality fixtures and accents. Therefore, a custom house is the right choice if you want your home to be a statement rather than cookie-cutter.

In British Columbia, BC Housing licenses all residential builders, custom or otherwise. You can find more information here.  Furthermore, all home builders in BC must provide homeowners with a 2-5-10 construction warranty.

General Contractors vs Custom Home Builders

General contractors manage building projects and typically work on high-volume jobs like condominium developments. They usually don’t have an in-house team but hire or subcontract qualified tradespeople for specific tasks. General contractors ensure all permits necessary are in hand and keep your build on schedule. Site supervision is often hired out, and the home or project is completed according to plan, with no alterations.

In contrast, custom home builders tend to focus on one or two homes at a time. They also have expert crews that may offer improvements to the plan during construction as the build moves forward and are regularly found on site.

Production Home Builders vs Custom Home Builders

Production builders have economies of scale and the power of volume purchasing. As a result, they purchase many lots at once and large quantities of similar building materials. This process often results in a more affordable home for the buyer. 

In addition, the efficiencies gained by constructing the same standard plan ensure a quick turn-around. When choosing a production builder, you often receive neighbourhood amenities like sidewalks and parks.

However, limited personalization upgrades and customizations with production-built homes are usually bought off plan. Compare this to custom home builders, where design possibilities are limitless and customization options never-ending.

The Benefits of Using a Luxury Custom Home Builder

Luxury custom home builders manage every stage of your dream build. They assist with the design, budget and planning of your custom home and the building execution. Luxury custom home builders also work smart during construction by utilizing their expert team, which may lead to cost savings.

With a luxury custom home build, the homeowner is involved as much or as little as they like. LIDA Homes enjoys and encourages input from their clients. Customization can occur “on the fly” in the home’s planning, design and construction stages, and this flexibility is highly sought after by clients. 

Although subjective, custom homes transform into luxury homes when multiple high-end design features, upgraded materials and increased automation are incorporated. 

A luxury custom home builder will likely have more significant experience installing upgraded features such as those listed below:

  • Outdoor Spaces – sliding glass panels, elegant fireplaces and pools
  • Fixtures and Appliances – designer kitchen appliances, high-end plumbing and luxurious light fixtures 
  • Wall Finishing – custom stains, imported tiles and unique wall panelling
  • Millwork – hand-built cabinetry in custom shapes and sizes and a variety of wood species 
  • Automation – climate control, streaming services, lighting, smart features and security
  • Seamless Glass – extra-large windows and doors

Why Custom Home Builders Stand Out

Ultimately your final decision will vary depending on your end goal, budget and the role you wish to play in your build. There is no right or wrong answer. But after you do your homework and review these options, here are a few final considerations that may tip the scale.

Custom builders offer:

  • More choice – choose your architect, floor plan and design concept.
  • More style – customization until your dream is realized.
  • More value – they understand the client’s needs, personally oversee the work, develop close relationships with the client and communicate effectively.

The result is greater satisfaction for the homeowner.

LIDA Homes Inc. – In Pursuit of Complete Customer Satisfaction

Whatever home you decide to build, you can trust the LIDA Homes Proven Process. Our team of custom home builders believes your home should be a reflection of you. So, we rethink the process and put your vision first. Let LIDA Homes help you build your forever home.

Located in Victoria, BC and serving the capital region, LIDA Homes craft beautiful custom homes. For examples of LIDA Home’s builds, view our recent projects. Then, contact us today for a complimentary consultation or more information.


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