Executive Estates to Modern Mansions in Victoria BC and south Vancouver Island

When you want the very best place to call home, look to a luxury custom home designed and built by our award-winning team at LIDA Homes. Perfectly tailored to your tastes and design requirements, you’ll be able to move in without having to worry about renovations and upgrades.

As a custom home builder with decades of experience building modern mansions, we believe that no matter how spectacular a luxury house is, if it wasn’t built for you, it’s never quite going to tick all the boxes. When you’re investing in your personal estate, it’s got to be done perfectly.

Rather than changing your home to fit your life, your custom executive home will be completely designed around you. Best of all, you’ll be able to move in without having to worry about renovations and upgrades.luxury mansion in Victoria BC

Your luxury custom home from LIDA Homes will be unparalleled, designed and built based on your wishes, preferred design aesthetic and all those extra features and finishes you’ve always wanted. From opulent outdoor living spaces to the spiral staircase you’ve always wanted, down to practical options like an ecologically sound geothermal heating system, any detail you like can be added to your design. Your luxurious custom home will be completely unique to you, your tastes and your style.

Do you desire a gorgeous warm-toned timber frame home or prefer a more contemporary, cool façade? Do you prefer cathedral ceilings with dramatic beams or smooth coved ceilings? The sky’s the limit, whether you covet a refined hillside home that blends seamlessly into the landscape or a modern, angular home on your private low bank beachfront property. Our team at LIDA Homes will expertly incorporate your vision into a perfectly curated estate that fully represents you and your family while blending in with neighbouring communities.

The LIDA Homes Proven Process


To begin, we’ll meet you for an initial consultation to hear your goals and wishes for your luxury home. Our team of talented and experienced designers will work hand in hand with your architects and engineers to ensure every detail has been looked after based on your preferences and lifestyle. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority before, during and after a custom home project.

At this point, we often use aerial photography to map out all aspects of your property. This helps ensure the best possible access points and ensure the layout and placement of your home will take full advantage of stunning views, natural light and topographical features of your property.


Next, we’ll move on to the contract and design phase, where our in-house team of interior designers and construction managers will collaborate with your designers and architects to finalize the design. After that, we’ll break ground. This is always an exciting stage for anyone who is building a house and it’s the time when you get to sit back and watch the magic happen. Using our project management software, you’ll always be in the loop with full access to all financial and design information as your bespoke luxury home comes together.

The construction managers assigned to your home will take every precaution to ensure utmost attention to detail and that the entire build is completed on schedule and on budget.

Completion and Continuing Care

Once the build is completed and the inspections are done, it’s time to move in at last. Our involvement doesn’t stop here though. At LIDA Homes, we pride ourselves on providing an enjoyable home building experience and developing lifelong relationships with our valued clients. We will provide high-quality continuing care as you settle into your home, keeping up the same excellent level of communication that you’ve come to expect from our attentive team.

Your luxury custom home from LIDA Homes will be awe-inspiring and unparalleled. Painstakingly designed and developed with today’s top tier technologies, your executive estate will be truly exceptional. To schedule your consultation today, call LIDA Homes at 778-440-5432 or contact us via our web form. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing the ideas for your new Vancouver Island custom luxury home!

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