Fall Maintenance List Continued | LIDA Construction

Fall Maintenance List Continued


Victoria, BC Homeowners Fall Maintenance List Cont’d

(missed part 1 of our Homeowners Fall Maintenance Checklist?)

5. Clean your gutters

This is such a simple step and one you can mostly do on your own. If you don’t have the proper ladders and equipment we urge you to call a professional instead of trying anything unsafe or procrastinating until you end up with problems. Clogged gutters can cause roof leaks, ice damming, and ruin your gutters.

6. Assess your roof

If you have traditional shingles look for wear and tear, missing or broken shingles. Also inspect the flashing around the vents and stacks and ensure there aren’t any leaks. If you have metal roofing it’s unlikely you have any leaks but have a look at all attachment points and repair as needed. If you have flat roof, make sure you remove all debris that holds moisture without displacing the cover material.

7. Seal cracks in sidewalks and driveways

If water gets into concrete the freezing and thawing process causes it to crack even more. Over time these cracks will get bigger and bigger and you’ll end up with large chunks of concrete missing. Deal with the small cracks now before they get bigger.

8. Inspect the exterior

Look for signs of rot, especially around the bottom. You’ll want to replace any rotten wood or siding and then assess for the cause of the rot. Is there water constantly leaking, splashing or dripping on the area? If so make sure you take care of the problem now so, your repairs aren’t all in vain.

9. Seal cracks in foundation

The foundation is a very important part of your house. If there is any damage to it at all you’ll want to have it assessed by a professional. If there are small cracks, it’s important to get them sealed up right away before water has a chance to seep in, and later freeze causing the crack to get larger.

We hope these tips will help you ensure your custom home is ready for this fall and upcoming winter.

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