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A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Home Building


Everything You Need to Know About Designing Your Custom Home

Starting the process of custom home building may feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking but with the right help, support and guidance it is something everyone can achieve.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the factors you need to consider when starting to custom-build your dream home. Following these tips, and talking to a reputable custom home designer and builder, will help the building process go smoother and feel less intimidating.

Getting Started with Your Custom Home

Every great project has to start somewhere. When starting to build your custom home, you need to take care of these details before you start construction. According to WOWA’s article Steps to Building a Custom Home in Canada, there are several steps to consider but the process is worth the effort if done correctly. 

Selecting the Land for Your Custom Home

There are many important considerations when choosing land to build your home.

Where is your home going to be located? Consider neighbours, land laws, environmental factors and the natural resources that will surround your home.

How much land do you need to build your custom home? The size of your land will determine the square footage you’ll have to build. Professional home builders can also help you evaluate the type of house you can build on the land you choose.

Assembling your Build Team and Monitoring the Process

When building a custom home, you should have a great team of experts behind you to see the build process through seamlessly. From logistics to materials, the ideal team will take care of everything and keep you updated and involved along the way.

At LIDA Construction, we know from our many years of experience that an organized construction process and clear transparent communication combined with a relentless commitment to customer service is the key to a successful custom home build. And that’s why we created “The LIDA Construction Proven Process”, which contains the following steps:

  • Consultation: Our build team will consult with you before the process begins, to understand your goals for your custom home. 
  • Collaboration: During the planning phase, our team will offer their expertise to help create a vision of a home that suits your lifestyle and needs.
  • Contract and Design: We will assemble a contractor and interior designer to help with the design and logistics of your custom home including the required building permits.
  • Construction Phase: Your house will be built by skilled and experienced trades teams managed by our build team.
  • Completion: Your completed house will be finished and made ready for you to move into.
  • Continuing Care: We continue supporting you after your house has been built. You always want to choose a builder that builds in aftercare and offers a comprehensive warranty.

Key Considerations When Designing Your Custom Home

When building your custom home, it’s important to consider how you’re going to design the rooms and the layout of the house. Here are some factors to consider when you’re planning the design as you build your custom house.

Build your lifestyle into your home

This is an extremely important factor to consider when building your custom home. The best custom home is one that is compatible with your lifestyle. For example:

  • Do you have a large family?
  • Are you someone who needs an office? 
  • Do you want an eat-in kitchen, or are you more likely to have family meals in the dining room?

Ask yourself questions about your lifestyle and build your home to complement your daily habits and routine.

Think about the layout

The layout of your house should be planned before you begin to build your custom home. This is important so plumbing fixtures and electricity can be installed properly in and around your home. Your layout will also determine the placement of doors, windows and other major components of the home’s building envelope.

Think about the arrangement of specific rooms

The arrangement of specific rooms is essential so that you can understand where you’ll place features such as doors and closets. It will also help in your decision-making when it comes to designing the interior of the rooms. For example, you’ll need to decide whether or not to make en-suite bathrooms for each of the bedrooms.

A Custom Home Build is a Chance to Have Fun with the Extras

Building your custom home means you’re starting with a blank slate. Take advantage and add in some show-stopping extras that will truly complement your taste and lifestyle. Whether it’s extra details in a room, the colour scheme of your house, or even designated entertaining areas, you have a chance to design it all your way.

    • Landscaping: You can design your landscaping to complement the house and include great touches like an herb garden, a deck, a hot tub, a pool or a classic lawn. 
    • Colours: What colour scheme are you going to use for your home’s interior and exterior? Starting from scratch means the choice is completely yours. And don’t forget to choose the woodwork for your doors, your deck and any built-in closets and cabinetry you might include.
  • Tiles and finishing: Flooring is important. Whether you’re going for concrete, real wood, tile or carpeting, laying down the foundation of your house and appropriately choosing what will cover it is a vital part of the process. Enjoy it, because you will be creating many memories on whichever flooring you choose. And don’t forget the bathroom!
  • Garage: Whether you’re going to turn it into a man cave or the best storage unit and carpark there ever was, you can start from scratch when creating your ideal garage and make sure it works with your needs.
  • Other features: Will you add a skylight? Balconies? Floor-to-ceiling windows? Whatever you do, make sure your house’s structure can handle the personalized additions you choose to include in the design process.

Choose the Best Team and Consultants for Your Custom Home Build

Now you know what is involved in building a custom home, you can get started with LIDA Construction.

Based in Victoria, BC, the team of experts at LIDA have been in the business of creating custom homes for families for over two decades. You can rest assured that when it comes to building your home from the ground up, they’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Contact us now to get started on building your very own dream custom home. We’re waiting for your call.

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