Hire A Custom Home Builder Before you Buy Land

Hire A Custom Home Builder Before you Buy Land


Bring Along a Custom Home Builder

Building a custom home in Victoria BC is a goal that many strive for. When you undertake this process it’s important to have a builder along for the entire process to avoid disappointments down the road.

When you’re shopping for a lot, you’re probably comparing things like proximity to work or family, privacy, noise level, traffic, yard situation and lot size. Custom home builders see situations where people have picked out the perfect lot according to their wish list and then find out they can’t actually build on their new lot or it will be outside of their budget to do so. Many times clients buy their lot without any guidance from a builder and when digging begins, it becomes a nightmare. Large boulders that become very expensive to remove, poor ground structure that is saturated with moisture makes some site unbuildable.

If you hire a builder before you purchase a lot the likelihood of these kinds of situations coming up is reduced to zero.

Working with a builder while you shop for a lot means, they can do a lot of the testing before you actually purchase. This means you can have soil tests done, so you have a clear understanding and expectations on what you’ll need to spend on excavation.

Hiring a Victoria-based custom home builder before you purchase the lot also means you’ll have a heads up on the building codes needed in the area. For example, some regional districts require a water collection system and some areas you don’t. These unknown expenses can really add up, so it’s important to know ahead of time.

Hiring a builder before you purchase a lot is a small investment considering the hundreds of thousands you could waste on the wrong lot. Contact us today to start the process of turning your dream home into reality and before you choose a lot to build on.

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