What To Know Before Hiring A Custom Home Builder In Victoria

4 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Custom Home Builder In Victoria


Do Your Due Diligence Before Hiring a Custom House Building Company

Having a custom home built for you is a big decision. You want to be able to go into the experience feeling confident in the choices you make along the way. We’ve listed four of the main decisions that should help you be prepared.

1 – Your Builder

This is probably the most important choice of all and the difference could mean a relatively stress-free build. How many years have they been in business in Victoria? A local custom builder will have knowledge about zoning, bylaws and acquiring building permits from all of the municipalities. Any reputable Victoria, BC custom home builder should have a portfolio for you to look at as well so you can see their work.

2 – Not All Custom Homes Are Created Equal

A builder may claim to build custom homes when actually they offer customization of existing plans. Be sure the builder you choose can build your home the way you requested. Another thing to check for is the quality of materials they plan to use as some builders will use a lower grade of materials and will need to be replaced much sooner than necessary. Are they open about the materials they are using? Do your own research to be sure the materials are of a standard used in the construction of a custom home.

3 – Your Financing Options

Nothing takes the fun away from planning your dream custom home than thinking about the money aspect of your build. This is another area your builder may be to help with so ask which lenders they have worked with or would recommend. Your home is the biggest investment you’re likely to make so shop around on your own as well.

4 – Your Contact

Reading the fine print in contracts is something we all dislike, but taking the time now is worthwhile. The materials, their quality, timelines and how communication will happen should be written into your contract and avoid problems as you proceed.

We hope the above tips were helpful. Contact us at LIDA Construction if we can be of any assistance with your custom home building plans.

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