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How to Find the Best Custom Home Builders for Your Dream Home


Choosing the Right Builder is a Significant Step in the Construction of Your Home

You’ve saved and daydreamed for years. Now it’s time to bring your custom home dream to life. From the very first 3D rendering to the unforgettable moment you step inside for the very first time, the right builder will be behind you, 100%. The home building company you choose should inspire confidence with expert project management.

Here’s How to Choose the Right Home Builder

  1. Browse the list of builders from your local Home Builders’ Association
    You can narrow your selection down to business type and city to come up with a list of builders who work specifically in your area.
  1. Consider How Long They’ve Been in Business
    Every builder starts somewhere, but we do recommend that the company you choose has been in business for at least 5 years. It’s hard to know whether a business is truly trustworthy if it’s still green and relatively unknown with only a few projects under its belt. If you choose to go with a fledgling firm, make sure the builder has extensive knowledge of the area where you’ll be building. This way they can easily navigate weather patterns, soil conditions and local bylaws.
  1. Take a Good Look at The Homebuilder’s Portfolio
    The portfolio should include a variety of examples that show diversity in their projects, as well as the size, style, budget and location that you’re after. This is also a great way to gather ideas for your own home.
  1. Get a Feel for the Company’s Communication Skills
    Reach out to the builder by phone or email with a few preliminary questions. Are your questions being answered in a timely, honest manner? That’s a good sign that this is a trustworthy builder. Look for a builder who will carefully consider and respond to every decision and question you have (because there will be a lot of them). You want them to be responsive, but not hound you for continued contact.
  1. Read Unbiased Reviews and Ask Around for Homebuilder Recommendations
    All that research you’ve been doing on layout and design? It’s time to turn that laser focus to researching the companies you’re considering. Read all the reviews you can, check out their social media and really get a feel for their mission statement, employee satisfaction and industry recognition. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can also ask previous clients about their experience and satisfaction with their new home. Some questions you can ask:
  • Did you enjoy working with the builder?
  • Was your project finished on time? If not, why were there delays?
  • Was the schedule communicated clearly?
  • Did you feel that your original budget estimate was accurate and thorough?
  • How did the builder act in tough situations?
  • If you were building another home, would you choose the same builder?
  1. Ensure They’re Completely Transparent with Communication
    Everything should be out in the open. At LIDA Construction we believe in completely open communication. We give our clients full support beginning with the initial consultation. With our Proven Process, this support continues long after your house has become your home.
  1. Ensure the Company and Everyone Involved is Fully Insured
    In addition to your own Builders Risk Insurance, builders and contractors should be fully insured. This will help protect you from any liability if unforeseen accidents or injuries occur on the job site.
  1. Make Sure the Builder Has an Ironclad Warranty Program
    A new home warranty is essential for protecting your largest investment. Before anything is done, you’ll want to make sure that your home builder offers a warranty program through a reputable provider and is in good standing with the Homeowner Protection Office. For more information, read the BC Housing guide to Home Warranty Insurance in BC. At LIDA Construction, we have an extensive 2-5-10 year home warranty program which is offered through Pacific Home Warranty.
  1. Look for a Builder Who Insists on Using High Quality Materials
    Quality products that exceed “builder grade” look nicer, operate more efficiently and will last much longer. Unlike mass-produced products like cheap gutters and siding, custom grade materials are made specifically for your home and less likely to malfunction.
  1. Consider Who They Use for Sub Trades
    Your homebuilder should be contracting work to the best in the business. If their choice of plumber or electrician, etc. rings any alarm bells, it might be best to move on.
  1. Interview the Top Three Homebuilders on Your List
    A custom home build will be one of the most impactful processes of your life, so you really want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the company you choose. When possible, arrange face to face interviews with your favourite three contenders. For the most clarity into how well they operate, arrange to meet at a current build site and a finished home. Each of these meetings will allow you to see important factors like on-site safety, cleanliness, organization, their processes and the communication style of the team. Some questions you may want to ask the teams during interviews:
  • How closely will you work with the designer and architect?
  • Can you tell me about your estimating process? How do you ensure an accurate preliminary budget estimate and detailed estimate?
  • How long would it take to receive an estimate?
  • How are you compensated for pre-construction and what is your role in the pre-construction process?
  • What do your project teams look like and what type of support does the construction manager/project manager receive?
  • How often will we communicate and meet during the construction phase?
  • If changes need to be made to the design, what will happen?
  • How do you address warranty issues after the build is completed and we’ve moved in?
  • Can you provide me with sample documents (budget, contract, schedule and warranty)?
  1. Go with Your Instinct
    Trust in your intuition. If you feel comfortable and everything checks out, consider that a green light to move forward! Because you’re going to communicate almost constantly with your builder throughout the project, you’re going to want to have a cooperative, enjoyable relationship.If you feel like there’s a personality clash or your values don’t quite align, pay attention to that. Even if everything is perfect on paper, you really want to pay attention to how the builder and their team make you feel. Building a custom home is an intense and exciting long-term process, so really think about who you want to accompany you on this journey.

At LIDA, we don’t just build homes, we build trust. When you’re ready to jump out of the planning phase and choose your Victoria BC custom home builder, our team at LIDA Construction will be glad to meet you. We’ll discuss your vision in depth and show you how our Proven Process will make your new home project the experience of a lifetime. Browse our portfolio of custom homes, and then contact us for an estimate today!

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