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Top 10 Interior Design Trends – 2022 and Beyond


A Look at Interior Design Trends

Looking back on 2022 interior design trends, we can see that comfort, the desire to connect with the outside world and warm natural colours were big influencers on how people chose to decorate.

While your personal taste will always be the biggest factor in how you decorate and furnish your home, interior design trends will influence our choices, whether we realize it or not.

Décor trends develop from fashion trends and can impact everything from the colour of paint we choose for our walls to the shape and fabric our furniture is made from.

In this blog, we’ll review the top interior design trends for 2022 and look ahead to see which trends will stick around or develop for 2023.

The Top 10 Interior Design Trends – 2022

The beauty of interior design trends is that there is always something for everyone. Whether you choose to follow a trend to the letter or prefer just to incorporate some parts of it into your current style, that’s up to you.

In 2022 key décor trends saw a turn towards warmer colours, embracing comfort and encompassing biophilic design principles that bring nature inside. There was also a definite turn towards sustainability with the increased use of antiques and eco-friendly materials. 

So, what have been the top 10 2022 interior design trends?

  • Colours

Colour came back into our homes in 2022. The emphasis was still natural but warmer and calmer – from shades of brown including earthy tones, cognac and burnt orange to natural, plant-like greens.

As a brighter influence, the Pantone colour of the year for 2022 was Veri Peri, a vivid blue with a violet undertone.

  • Biophilic influence

Biophilic design seeks to strengthen our connection with the outside world by bringing natural light, calming natural colours and plants into the home. Plant walls and potted trees are one way this has been done.

  • Natural inspiration

2022 has seen a resurgence of natural materials such as stone, marble, terracotta and real wood. Leather furniture has also regained popularity as it offers a natural, luxurious and long-lasting finish. 

The Coastal Grandmother style also focuses on natural materials, light and air.

  • Outdoor living spaces

A further extension of the need to feel closer to nature was the increased development of outdoor living spaces. These extend your living room while allowing you to enjoy fresh air in comfort. Popular items include outdoor fireplaces and high-end furniture.

  • Texture

Whether it is adding natural texture to the walls with wood battens, plaster and lime washes, or adding rich and tactile fabrics to furniture and accessories, 2022 has been all about texture. 

  • Multi-functional rooms

The combination of increased home working and rising house prices had people looking at better ways to utilise their existing spaces in 2022. Cleverly dividing rooms with curtains, flooring and lighting has allowed rooms to have dual purposes i.e., home office/dining room or bedroom/home gym.

This trend also signals a move away from open-plan living which has been popular in recent years.

  • Sustainability

A preference for local, handcrafted and recycled pieces in furniture and accessories was part of the bigger move towards sustainability in home décor in 2022. A shift away from plastic products to those made from eco-friendly materials and an increase in the use of antique furniture supports reuse principles as well as bringing a taste of individuality and history into the home.

  • Curves

Curves have been everywhere in 2022 from your sofa to armchairs, ottomans and even in the creation of curved archways and windows.

  • Bold patterns and mixing materials

In a step away from the all-white trend of previous years, 2022 has seen a renewed interest in big, bold patterns and mixing – with a definite lean to the fashion of the 1960s and 70s. 

Mixing patterned wallpaper with natural flooring or floral curtains with colour-blocked walls has all been fair game.

  • Traditional details

In a nod to the desire for lasting and timeless styles, traditional details such as skirts and fringes on furniture, roll arms, and antique dining sets have regained popularity.

Predicting Interior Design Trends Into 2023

Many interior design experts think that because of the turn towards sustainability and the move away from throwaway fashion, many of the trends from 2022 will continue into the new year.

We are likely to see continued use of:

  • Biophilic décor – Natural greens for walls, curtains and furniture will remain popular into 2023. Also, the addition of plants in your home. Embrace this trend with this HGTV guide to the best indoor plants for every room.
  • Antique furniture – thrifting is one of the bigger interior design trend predictions for 2023 as not only is reused furniture and décor environmentally friendly, but it is budget friendly too.
  • Curves – use of curves will move into other rooms with rounded countertop ends and arched mirrors.
  • Coastal Grandmother – with its sun-filled rooms and light natural materials will remain popular

New interior design trends predicted for 2023 include:

Wellness design:

Spaces will be styled to facilitate self-care, such as meditation. Calm spaces with neutral colours, gentle lighting and comfortable furniture will support the move towards a more mindful lifestyle.


A dark, luxurious and moody aesthetic featuring shadowy corners and chandeliers will be popular in 2023. Floor-to-ceiling libraries with warm fireplaces will be part of this dark academia trend.

Pink is back:

The keyword for colour in 2023 is Barbicore! You’ll be seeing shades of pink from subtle to bubblegum wherever you go. Embrace the trend with a full pink room or add a few feature pieces here and there as a nod to the trend. 


This move to all things pink is supported by Pantone’s colour of year 2023. Digital Lavender – a pink-toned lilac. 

Paint manufacturers are also embracing the pink trend with their 2023 colours of the year: 

  • Sherwin Williams – Redend Point, a blush beige that blends playful pink with earth tones.
  • Benjamin Moore – Raspberry Blush, a vibrant orangey-red that is designed to energize.
  • Behr – Blank Canvas, this creamy white is the only neutral colour predicted for 2023 and will most likely be used alongside the brighter tones.

LIDA Construction Can Incorporate Interior Design Trends into Your Home Renovations

At LIDA Construction, our services don’t stop at the bare bones of your new home or renovation. Our team includes interior design experts who can advise which interior design trends for 2023 will suit your home.

A custom home building and renovation company based in Victoria, BC, we build custom homes and offer kitchen and bathroom renovations and additions too.

If you’re thinking of an on-trend renovation, contact LIDA Construction today.


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