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Kitchen Renovation Costs


What to Expect with a High-End Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, how much should you plan to spend on the most important room in your house?  One of the most familiar expressions in real estate market and house building is “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” and it’s easy to see why.  

In our modern-day lifestyle, the kitchen is a central hub for families of all shapes and sizes. Because of this, the quality of a kitchen’s design and construction is one of the single largest factors that can determine a home’s value. As a result, the kitchen can often be the one room that can make or break a sale for potential buyers.

But how much does a kitchen renovation in Victoria BC cost?

LIDA Construction recommends budgeting approximately 15%-20% of the total value of your house to ensure a quality, custom result that will stand the test of time.  In other words, if your home is valued at $2 million, consider budgeting approximately $300,000 to $400,000 on a complete kitchen build or renovation.

Of course, this number varies depending on many factors including what you have to work with at the onset of your project. For example, if you are renovating, you may already have top-of-the-line appliances that you would like incorporated into your new kitchen design. Perhaps your home is a newer build with electrical and plumbing that is up to code and does not need to be factored into your budget.  Variances aside, 15%-20% is generally a safe budget baseline to build and/or renovate a kitchen.  

Beyond budgeting based on a percentage of the overall value of your home, where and how you focus your spend within a kitchen build or renovation is equally important.  Here is a LIDA Construction recommended breakdown that will help create a clearer picture for your budgeting needs.

30% of a Kitchen Renovation is Commonly Spent on Cabinetry high end kitchen renovation in victoria bc

Cabinetry will represent the largest amount of design real estate in your kitchen, so it makes sense that it would also represent the largest percentage of your total kitchen budget. 

Function, storage and layout will be paramount when mapping out your kitchen and, in most cases, it really does pay to go custom.  Think about how you use – or would like to use – your kitchen.  Have you planned adequate shelf and cupboard space for your favourite small appliances like your food processors, stand mixers, countertop pizza oven and other kitchen helpers?

Are your most frequently used items within close proximity to your main preparation spaces?  

Have you considered traffic flow and elbow room – will there be adequate space for multiple people to carry out different tasks simultaneously without being on top of each other? 

To minimize noise and wear on cabinetry, how about custom soft-close drawers and doors designed with european-engineered mechanisms? 

Beyond function, style and form are incredibly important. When it comes to creating impact, cabinetry hardware cannot be overlooked and all those little cupboard handles and drawer pulls can add up!  

Perhaps a touch of gold in your hardware can add some mid-century modern warmth, or a brushed nickel finish can bring in a sleeker industrial look. Maybe you’re drawn to polished chrome with a crystal inlay for a touch of glamour? 

Whatever your aesthetic, these little accents can send your kitchen design to the next level.

Plan to Spend Approximately 17% for Labour & Installation on Your Kitchen Renovation

Next to cabinetry, labour and installation should be second in the budget hierarchy.  We recommend allocating approximately 17% of your kitchen budget for this line item.

Home reno shows and YouTube tutorials have led to a major upswing in the DIY culture.  However, things aren’t always as easy as they appear on screen, which often leads to homeowners getting in over their heads – particularly when it comes to more complex spaces like kitchens. 

While there are certainly tasks that skilled homeowners can undertake to chip away at labour costs, it’s important to know your limits and invest in certified tradespeople to handle the more skilled construction and installation work. Settling for anything less with your custom home build or renovation can lead to costly time-delays and mistakes. The last thing you want is to have your imported apron sink chipped or your cedar cabinets damaged by an inexperienced crew.   

LIDA Construction collaborates with top level, certified tradespeople who have the experience, expertise, and finely tuned processes to ensure that work is done efficiently, safely and to the highest building standards.  

Plan to Spend Around 13% of Your Kitchen Renovation Budget on Appliances

Shopping for appliances can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. With such a broad range of products available, it can be easy to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Starting with a set budget can really help narrow down your search and we recommend setting aside at least around 13% of your kitchen renovation budget for your appliance package.

Similar to planning the layout of your cabinetry, try to focus on your personal needs in terms of function and use. 

For those aiming for a commercial-quality chef’s kitchen, 6 burner modular cooktop, wall mounted double convection ovens and commercial sized, double door refrigerators with glass fronts are very popular options.  

If you want to ramp it up even further, consider a unique and customized range hood vent as a design focal point and expand your custom cabinetry to conceal appliances such as your dishwasher and refrigerator for a truly beautiful aesthetic. If you frequently entertain, consider dual dishwashers and a good wine and beverage fridge with freezer drawers.

Plumbing & Electrical and Countertops Tie At 10% of Your Kitchen Renovation Cost

Countertops, as well as plumbing and electrical, are tied in fourth place in the kitchen reno budget at 10% respectively.  

For a homeowner, selecting countertops is often one of the most visually rewarding steps in the kitchen remodel journey.  With an endless range of materials, colours and patterns available – from marble to butcher block, and from concrete to quartz – there are options enough to match anyone’s style and preference.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the plumbing and electrical is one of those ‘invisible’ expenditures that, unlike the transformation and gratification of freshly installed countertops, can feel a little anticlimactic.  However, like skilled labour and installation, plumbing and electrical are very important and should represent approximately 10% of your budget. 

After all, that ice drawer in your beverage fridge won’t be quite the same without a properly plumbed line and it’s hard to enjoy an oversized apron sink if water pressure isn’t what it should be. Ensuring all the background work is done properly by hiring a great team is essential to the enjoyment of your stunning new kitchen.

Designate 5% of Your Kitchen Renovation Budget (each) for Flooring, Lighting, Backsplashes and Miscellaneous Items

The last 20% of your custom kitchen renovation budget can be split evenly between flooring, lighting, backsplashes and tiling and a miscellaneous (or contingency) category.  

In design terms, flooring grounds and balances your space.  With the kitchen being a high traffic and potentially high mess area, many homeowners are looking for quality materials that will be easy to clean and will stand-up to heavy wear and tear.  Whether you opt for a classic engineered hardwood, granite or stone, or a durable, high-end vinyl plank, flooring is definitely worth careful consideration and (at least) 5% of your budget.

Your lighting fixtures and backsplash are comparably smaller elements of your custom kitchen, and yet they have the potential to pack the greatest design punch.  Setting aside a healthy 10% of your budget for these two elements will give you ample opportunity to add some major wow-factor to your custom kitchen. There’s so much room to play here, with bespoke lighting or something like a single slab of marble – particularly if you choose to exceed the 5% for each design item. 

And last, but certainly not least, is the all-important miscellaneous (or contingency) fund.  For the purposes of this article and through the lens of a custom home build, setting aside 5% of your total kitchen renovation budget should suffice.  

However, if you are renovating an older home – particularly one built in the 70s or earlier, LIDA Construction recommends increasing your contingency to 10% of your budget.  

Kitchen renovations, particularly in older homes, can often come with unforeseen complications, so it’s best to create a healthy cushion in your budget to address these concerns if they arise. So, for a Victorian style mansion or a West Coast oceanfront home that has been home to multiple generations, your renovation should proceed with utmost care and consideration for its unique characteristics and potential upgrade opportunities.


LIDA Construction Will Create Your Dream Luxury Kitchen

Whether you’re looking for a return on investment in preparation for selling, or transforming your kitchen into the crowning jewel of your forever home, setting aside a robust budget for your custom kitchen build or renovation will pay off in spades.  

LIDA Construction has been doing kitchen renovations since 1998 so we know what looks good and what works great, and our talented tradespeople have the skills to bring your vision to fruition. Attention to detail is just one of the reasons why LIDA Construction has become known as Victoria’s kitchen renovation experts, and we’re looking forward to creating a kitchen you can enjoy. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our LIDA Construction reviews and testimonials page.

Renovating your kitchen means you have the opportunity to design the perfect space for cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends. LIDA Construction’ skilled craftsmen and talented interior designers are committed to customer service and making sure your custom kitchen is everything you want it to be. Contact us today to start your Victoria BC kitchen renovation project.

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