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LIDA Home’s Response to Covid-19


Keeping Our Staff & Customers Safe Post Covid


Our lives have been turned upside down with the Covid-19 pandemic, seemingly overnight. However, LIDA Construction continues to offer the same unparalleled service we’re known for, while following the recommendations of health officials and WorkSafe BC.

As we all navigate this post-covid situation, the safety of our clients and workers remains our #1 priority. Our team will continue to provide the clear and transparent communication that we’re known for, using our Proven Process, the foundation of our custom home and renovation experience.

We can sum up the Proven Process principles into 6 main areas:

  1. Consultation
  2. Collaboration
  3. Contract & Design
  4. Construction
  5. Completion
  6. Continuing Care


Virtual Consultations

Working with customers outside of the Greater Victoria region is nothing new to us, so rest assured that the LIDA team are experts at virtual communication. Whether that communication happens through email, over the phone, through our project management software, or via virtual consultation, we are always available to discuss the fine details of your major renovation or new home build. 

Considering a Custom Project?

Are you just starting to consider a major home project? Chances are that being confined to your home and yard for long periods of time has you seeing your four walls a bit differently.

Maybe the new work-from-home lifestyle has you realizing the need for a private soundproofed home office, maybe your kitchen is looking and feeling increasingly outdated, or you’refinally ready to move forward with relocating to the Greater Victoria area and building the custom home of your dreams. Whatever your goals, bring us your questions and ideas, and we can get started on creating your remodel or brand new home.

The LIDA Construction team is ready to collaborate with you on bringing your vision to life. Through virtual meetings with our designers, you can explore fixture/finishing options that match your style, discuss optimization of your floor plans and layout, customize additional features and overall, maintain an active role in the design of your home from the inside out. Bring your ideas, and we’ll show you how we can make them a reality. 

In the Contract & Design Phase?

Once a LIDA Construction customer, always a LIDA Construction customer. Our design team is available for you, as always, to discuss the finer details of design, budget, upgrades, scheduling, and more.

You can continue to rely on our clear and comprehensive project management software, which allows you to access every last detail of your project, track the budget, view all email correspondence, access important documents, view project photos, and even receive automatic reminders for the next steps. Wherever you have web access, you’ll have complete details of your home project at your fingertips. 

Already Under Construction?

LIDA Home’s dedicated crews are following Covid-19 protocols closely on the job site. We’re providing the utmost safety and security for everyone with hand washing stations, sanitizing, proper social distancing measures, and ensuring that the minimum required number of workers and a single trade is on site at a time.

This means that plumbers, framers, roofers, etc… all work separately, making it easier to follow social distancing measures and stay the recommended distance of 2m apart at all times.

Following these steps put in place by CHBA Residential Construction Guidelines ensures that your home project will continue on time and on budget with the top-quality craftsmanship that LIDA Construction is known for. 

Let’s Talk

Bring your questions to us as we begin or continue the journey to your custom renovation or new home project.

Whether you’re just starting to think about making a change, or you’re already well into a renovation/new build project with our team at LIDA Construction, know that your dream home can and will be created as you remain in the safety and comfort of home.

Fill out our Contact Form or call us at 778-440-5432. Press 1 for Lawrie in Custom Homes, or 2 for Mika in Renovations and leave a message. They will be sure to reach out to you in a timely manner to arrange a follow up call and virtual consultation.

Tips For Virtual Consultations

1. Find a spot with great Wi-Fi

Online conferencing is heavy on bandwidth. To ensure you get the most out of your online conversations, and to prevent any clipped or dropped audio and video, settle into the space in your home that provides the best Wi-Fi coverage, or better yet, a wired connection. Test your audio and video beforehand, just to make sure everything’s working correctly.

2. Use a PC or Tablet

Unless your smartphone is your only choice, opt for a PC or tablet. The larger screen will let you see everything you need to and let you become more immersed in the discussion as a result. It will also make it easier to share your inspiration photos and ideas.

3. Avoid interruptions

Let the other family members know that you and any other decision makers will be on a call for x amount of time. We’re working remotely, so we get it. It can be tough to find a quiet space where you can talk uninterrupted, but it definitely helps everyone stay focused. 

LIDA Construction Gives Back

To help single parents through these tough times, LIDA Construction has launched a philanthropic collaboration with 1Up Single Parent Resource Centre. We will be donating a percentage of all new sales to an emergency Covid-19 food voucher program to support those in need.

If you are in a position to join us, please do so by clicking here.

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