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Modern Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas


The Luxury Kitchen is The Heart of the Home

The majority of our time at home is spent in the kitchen and if the home is an open concept design, it’s always in view. Are you happy with this view, or do you dream of more features, more space, more style?

At LIDA Construction, we design your kitchen not just for how you’ll use it today, but how you’ll use it in the future. When you choose your materials, finishes, layout, location of appliances or a custom island, our design team works closely with you to ensure that the materials will not only look incredible, but function extremely well and stand up to the rigor of daily life. All the while being sized and stacked according to your height, preferences for storage, lighting needs and of course, your specific style. 

The Best Kitchen Design Ideas Integrate Custom Products

A luxury kitchen demands the best custom products. Your kitchen cabinets are designed not only to house your bowls and cups but also to set the style of your kitchen and surrounding area. Hardwood will stand up to the steam, moisture, cleaning products and constant use so much better than manufactured (MDF) cabinetry. For anyone with a tricky space in their kitchen area (who doesn’t have an underused corner, or a vaulted ceiling that needs some love?) custom cabinetry, finishes and hardware are an excellent foundation for a world-class cooking space.


6 Luxury Kitchen Design Features for Your Custom Kitchen

1. Double Stacked Kitchen Cabinets 

Double stacked cabinets can add extra feet of storage space to any kitchen, drawing the eye upwards and emphasizing the height of a ceiling. Having double rows of cabinets installed means that everything will have a place in your kitchen and you won’t have to resell grandma’s prized china collection, or part ways with your favourite kitchen tools. Rather than constantly needing to declutter, everything you need for whatever meals you’re creating, will always be available. Glass panels on the upper level of cabinets is a beautiful way to break up space and bring in extra light to the upper levels closest to the ceiling.

2. Integrated/Layered Lighting

Lighting that is created specifically for a space is lighting that will never irk you, get in the way or be too bright. Whether you love the idea of energy efficient LED lighting within cabinets, underneath cabinets, within the walk-in pantry, or along the edge of the toe kicks for a slick, modern look and feel, there’s no doubt that the right lighting makes all the difference in the kitchen. The idea of layered lighting is taking all of that carefully placed and integrated lighting and layering it together. Consider a gorgeous showpiece of a ceiling light, pendant lights with fine lines over the island and/or kitchen table or recessed lighting in the ceiling. Layered lighting simply means combining a variety of lighting styles to create effective task lighting in some areas and ambient lighting in others. This works to create a vibrant, perfectly illuminated space that highlights the curves and edges of your kitchen design.

3. Custom Inserts in Pantries

Far from a basic pantry, a custom pantry created with custom inserts ensures that every box of wild rice or can of organic chickpeas is perfectly organized and accessible. Think ventilated drawers for staples like onions and potatoes, wire shelving to house your reusable containers and freezer bags and multi-tiered racks for your collection of herbs and spices. It’s much simpler to keep the rest of your kitchen organized and clutter-free when you no longer have to sacrifice valuable fridge space and counter space to items that are better suited to life in the pantry.

4. Panel-Ready Kitchen Appliances

Let’s face it, stainless steel is losing its lustre and you’re probably getting weary of seeing all that metal amongst your gorgeous cabinetry and hardware. Panel-ready appliances designed to fit in with your kitchen cabinetry are a perfect solution to maintain the high-end look that you want for your kitchen. Concealing the French door fridge with perfectly matched cabinetry and hardware is always an excellent way to add a high level of polish to any kitchen. Range hoods are also a prime candidate for this treatment. If you prefer to have a minimalist range hood, it’s not difficult to fit a custom-made surround that coordinates perfectly with your chosen colours and textures. 

5. Automatic Touch-Latch Kitchen Cabinets and Minimalist Hardware

If the minimalist kitchen makes you swoon, automatic touch-latch cabinets will be perfect for your home. Eliminating the need to make a choice for cabinet hardware material and finishes, this invisible hardware is mounted on the interior, allowing your cabinets to open with just a light touch. When it comes to hardware, less can definitely be more. Also consider integrated handles, notches, or hidden pulls mounted to the tops of your drawers for a minimalist look and feel.

6. Custom Kitchen Islands

A custom kitchen island absolutely makes a kitchen. Whether you need your island to be a workhorse with integrated plug-ins, prep sink, cooktop, or a bar for pouring out freshly shaken cocktails for your nearest and dearest, your island can be anything you want it to be. Our designers can help you determine the best layout and overall design for your kitchen space as well as the ideal materials, finishings and hardware. Often, custom islands are designed to coordinate with the kitchen, rather than perfectly match the colours and textures in the rest of the kitchen. The island is an ideal place to add a splash of your favourite colour, offering just a taste of a brighter shade in your kitchen. This, combined with completely personalized storage, really sets the modern, luxury kitchen island apart from the pack. 

The more time you spend in areas adjacent to the kitchen, like the living room, den, dining room, outdoor living space, the more you begin to notice trouble spots in your original kitchen design. If you’re dreaming of a complete overhaul of your existing kitchen, why not talk to us about an update? At LIDA Construction, our experienced team can bring your dated kitchen back to life with a modern luxury kitchen design to bring out the very best in your space. Whether you’re looking for a home addition, whole-house renovation or a full kitchen renovation, call or email our team today for a consultation.

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