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Pros and Cons of Living in a Laneway House


Thinking of a Laneway House in Victoria, BC?

Laneway houses are becoming widespread on Canada’s west coast, particularly in the Greater Vancouver area. These hot property trends are normally built on pre-existing properties, typically in a backyard with its opening facing the back lane. Many laneway homes are small, although public issues have stirred in a number of communities because of the effect that bigger laneway homes have on privacy.

Though it is gaining popularity in Vancouver, laneway homes have been appearing in other cities in Canada. Toronto has also built laneway houses until the year 2006 after staff reassessed its effect on safety and services. This type of housing was introduced in Vancouver thanks to the initiation of its former Mayor Sam Sullivan as part of the EcoDensity initiative of the council to help raise urban density in pre-existing neighbourhoods, while at the same time keeping the single-family feel of its neighbourhood.

Considering the idea of living in a laneway house? Here are the pros and cons:

Laneway Houses – Pros

• It’s your very own house.
• You have a private entrance.
• You can listen to your favorite music with full volume since there are no shared walls or floors.
• The concept of laneway housing is still fresh.
• No need to wait for elevators; you will only have to take one flight of stairs, max!
• More appealing compared to basement suites.

Laneway Houses – Cons

• The cost for heating is much higher. Electric baseboard heating for the 4 walls and 2 floors of this home type is quite pricey.
• You can clearly hear the noise that comes from green waste, recycling and garbage trucks.
• Curious onlookers and aspiring laneway home builders taking a lot of pictures.
• Laneway curb appeal just isn’t there among garages and garbage bins.

If you’re thinking of building a custom laneway house in Victoria, BC, contact the custom home building pros at LIDA Construction.

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