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Top 10 Renovations that Add the Most Value to Your Home


Add Value to Your Home with a Blend of Function, Space and Universal Style

Whether you’re considering listing your property or want to boost your equity for the future, it’s important to give thought to which improvements and home renovations can help you achieve this. There are endless lists of changes and updates that can be made to add value to the property. To keep it simple, we’ve created a list of 10 of our favourite major and minor home renovations that add the most value.

1.     Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is the gathering place of a home and it’s where we spend the most time. In the kitchen we cook, bake, gather at the end of a long day and it’s where guests at all parties end up. An open floor plan, an island with plug ins and built-in storage plus enough counter space to easily prep meals are the most basic and impactful changes you can make. covered patio - LIDA Construction - Victoria BC Keep the décor basic, with neutral tiling for backsplashes and a choose a beautiful, high-quality countertop in neutral tones. This way, when the house has new owners, they can still inject their own personalities.

2.     Create an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans add brightness and cohesion to a home and make the rooms feel larger than they really are. Boxy floor plans can feel claustrophobic and unwelcoming, so it’s a good idea to consider turning a space like a separate dining area and kitchen into one room that flows easily.

Depending on your home’s layout there are many creative solutions that will make your house feel more modern and suited to today’s market.

3.     Integrate Clever Storage Spaces

Downsizers and young families alike all need storage and areas like mudrooms are always in high demand. Even just a nook to provide storage for coats, shoes, backpacks and mail will be very appreciated. The key is to create an organized home with less clutter.

Walk in closets are forever popular since they offer so much room and so many options for shelving and other add-ons. Built-in cabinets and bookcases are ways to keep it looking and feeling neat and tidy as well, without sacrificing valuable floor area. Our interior designers will work with you to create efficient built-ins that can blend in, turn heads, or both.

4.     Finish the Basement

That unfinished basements holds so much potential. It could be a media suite, a suite to generate additional income, a playroom for the kids or a den for the whole family to enjoy.

You could build out a home office, a craft room and even add or renovate a washroom. At LIDA Construction, we’re experts on creating luxurious bathrooms.

The thing to remember here is to keep the basement design basic so the new owners can design this zone to match their own tastes.

5.     Re-shingle or Replace the Roof

A worn-out, mossy roof is a big deterrent for buyers who might take one look at it and worry about having to tackle that project. The roof is one of the most visible parts of your home and has a huge impact on curb appeal.

If it’s time to upgrade entirely, you may want to consider a metal roof. Metal roofs are designed to last anywhere from 40-80 years with delightfully little maintenance while providing energy savings and better protection from harsh weather. Read more on how a metal roof will add value to your home.

6.     Update Garage Doors

You probably wouldn’t think that your garage doors would have such an impact on the visual appeal of a home, but they do. A great choice for this upgrade is an insulated steel door in a style and finish that complements the aesthetic of your home.

You can even choose a faux wood finish that looks like the real thing but needs little maintenance. This will give your house an instant facelift and insulate your garage. It will also prevent cool air from entering your home, keeping the interior temperature steady.

7.     Create Energy Efficiency

Conscientious home buyers these days are asking how their household can play a positive role in reducing energy usage. While you don’t want to go overboard with solar panels everywhere, or installing wind generators in the backyard, future-proofing your home is a smart idea.

Buyers want to see energy efficient appliances, long-lasting LED lighting and even high-efficiency heat pumps designed to save on utility costs. A few simple upgrades can make all the difference here.

8.     Move the Laundry Room to the Main Level

This is a big renovation, but well worth considering if your laundry room is currently hidden in the basement or located down a flight of stairs. Some people do their laundry every single day and they don’t want to schlep full baskets up and down stairs. If your layout allows, you can make your life so much easier by relocating your laundry to the main level of your home.

For more details, check out this list of 5 reasons to have the laundry room on the main floor.

9.     Refinish the Floors

The state of a home’s flooring says a lot. If it’s scuffed and scraped, it’s intimidating for house hunters. Their first reaction might be to wonder how much work needs to be done to get the floors up to scratch.

outdoor covered patio - victoria bc

The same goes for carpeting. If your carpet has snags and stains and no amount of cleaning has helped, you might want to think about removing it entirely. Because wall to wall carpet has fallen out of favour, focus on creating a look with gleaming hardwood, high performance laminate or vinyl plank flooring instead.

10. Build a Covered Outdoor Living Space

In our mild climate, outdoor living spaces are used often. That said, it’s not enough to add on a deck and call it a day. The outdoor area should ideally be covered, since wet coastal weather patterns and the hot sun can leave any deck or patio abandoned for much of the year. With a covered outdoor living room, you can leave the BBQ, furniture, cushions and candles out all year round for easy entertaining.

Every home is unique and our team of expert designers and builders at LIDA Construction are excited to bring yours to the next level. We’ll collaborate with you to figure out what changes would most suit your family and life style, while positively impacting your home’s value. To arrange a virtual consultation, contact us by email or call us at our West Saanich Road office in Victoria, BC. For ideas and inspiration to get you started, browse our portfolio of completed projects on Southern Vancouver Island.

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