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8 Unique Custom Home Features


Cool and Interesting Options to Include in Your Custom Home

One of the most tremendous benefits of a custom-built home is that it’s designed to meet your personal needs and wants. Adding unique custom home features that are specific to your family can not only improve the functionality of your house but enhance your lifestyle, too.

There are many options for exciting and individual additions to your custom home, from rooms with a specific purpose to outdoor living enhancements and built-in time-saving solutions.

Custom home builders and designers work with their clients to explore special and unique features and additions that can be built into the home at the design stage.

Over the past two decades, LIDA Construction has built dream custom homes for families in Victoria, BC and across southern Vancouver Island. During that time, we’ve had the privilege of adding several cool and unique custom home features to enhance the lives of the new owners.

Read on for more details of our favourite 8 unique custom home features.

Benefits of Choosing a Custom Home Build

When you choose to build a custom home, you benefit from a home designed especially for you, your family and your needs.  A custom home means:

  • You get the home you want. Custom homes are built to enhance your life, provide solutions to your living requirements and make your life simpler.
  • You can add unique features that boost your lifestyle, from a built-in pool to a home office to a butler’s pantry.
  • High-quality construction and finishes throughout – for a home that will stay looking like “new” for years to come.
  • Energy Efficiency. New custom home builds are designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize energy use. With a brand-new custom build, you can incorporate smart and energy-saving technology throughout the home.
  • Ongoing communication with the builder. Good custom home builders will constantly communicate with their clients and ensure any questions, decisions or changes are dealt with quickly. At LIDA, we offer our Proven Process – to ensure the client is fully informed and involved at all stages.
  • Support your lifestyle. With a custom home, you can opt for special additions that support your work, hobbies and interests. If you need space for a specific activity, build that into your new custom home.
  • Unique options. With custom homes, you can choose and add features that you wouldn’t find in a spec home.
  • More than a basic warranty. In BC, all newly built homes come with a 2-5-10 warranty, but at LIDA, we offer additional follow-ups at 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure complete satisfaction.

8 Unique Custom Home Features

Are you considering building a custom home and want to ensure it has specific features that meet your needs? Below are 8 of the most unique, interesting and functional features that LIDA Construction has had the pleasure of including in our recent custom home builds:

1 – Built-in Dog Wash Station

Love your dog but don’t want muddy paw prints all over your home? Incorporating a built-in dog bath or wash station in an entryway, mudroom, or garage is a great way to keep your furry pal and house clean. Surround with tiling or plexiglass screens for easy maintenance and to contain any mess. Our Cloud 9 build features a built-in dog wash station.

2 – Built-in Bunk Beds

Want to maximize space when kids are sharing a room or create a convenient visitor space? Built-in bunk beds can add an architectural feel to a room while providing functional storage solutions. There are many ways to include built-in bunks that help to divide a space and provide privacy. Our Mountainside Estate build includes built-in bunk beds.

3 – Detached Space for Home Gym, Office or Workshop 

Whether you’re looking for a home office for remote working or a home gym, or you want a space to enjoy your hobbies, a detached space away from the distractions of the home is ideal. These spaces can be situated within the garden, above the garage, or in a private wing of the home. Our Forest Retreat build includes a home office and gym.

4 – Outdoor Living Enhancements

Enhanced outdoor living and indoor/outdoor transition spaces are increasingly popular options for maximizing the use of space. Options include pools, plunge pools, hot tubs and outdoor kitchens.

Our Classic Cordova and Sea Serpent have good examples of outdoor living enhancements. 

5 – Indoor Sauna

Modern in-home saunas are unique additions to custom home design. With improved health and major relaxation being some of the benefits of sauna use, it’s not surprising more homeowners are asking to include them. Our City Vistas incorporates a modern indoor sauna.

6 – Games / Media Room 

The modern equivalent of a rec room, media rooms are a tech enthusiast’s dream. A dedicated space for gaming or movies means equipment and speakers can be hard-wired in, and there’s nothing to tidy up afterwards. Our Forest Retreat build includes a separate media room.

7 – Laundry Room With Built-in Solutions 

Homeowners are recognizing the importance of increased functionality in their laundry rooms. Including custom cabinetry, lots of storage space, clothes hanging areas and drying racks provide function while maintaining a neat look.  Our Marina Home build features a modern laundry room with built-in solutions.

8 – Butler’s Pantry 

Butler’s pantries are regaining popularity in custom homes as they help keep clutter and food prep out of our social kitchen spaces. Usually located between the kitchen and dining room, these pantries may contain additional storage, coffee bars and wine fridges. Our Maison de Brise and Mountainside Estate builds contain functional and beautiful examples of a Butler’s Pantry.

Create Your Unique Custom Home with LIDA Construction

At LIDA Construction, we work closely with our clients to create custom homes that embrace their individuality.

When you choose a team like ours for your custom home build, you get the home you want and need right from the start. We’re always happy to talk about including unique and interesting additions that will enhance your lifestyle.

Thinking about building a custom home? Don’t hesitate. Contact the team at LIDA Construction today.

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