Will Adding an In-law Suite Bring Value to Your Home?

What To Consider Before Adding an In-law Suite An in-law suite (also known as a granny flat) is a smart addition to any modern home. They provide additional living space in which homeowners can house family members, run a small at-home business, or rent out as a short-term vacation rental if local bylaws allow.  In today’s housing climate, adding an in-law suite can be the solution for multigenerational households, whether it’s a space for aging parents or somewhere for adult children to stay while they save for their own place. One question commonly asked by those considering adding an in-law suite to a custom build or extension is: are they worth the investment? Here we take a closer look at what an in-law suite is, what to consider when adding… Read more »

Top 10 Interior Design Trends – 2022 and Beyond

A Look at Interior Design Trends Looking back on 2022 interior design trends, we can see that comfort, the desire to connect with the outside world and warm natural colours were big influencers on how people chose to decorate. While your personal taste will always be the biggest factor in how you decorate and furnish your home, interior design trends will influence our choices, whether we realize it or not. Décor trends develop from fashion trends and can impact everything from the colour of paint we choose for our walls to the shape and fabric our furniture is made from. In this blog, we’ll review the top interior design trends for 2022 and look ahead to see which trends will stick around or develop for 2023. The Top 10 Interior… Read more »

What is The Ideal House Size?

Which is Better: A Big House or a Small House? Some of us grow up dreaming about raising our families in a big house, with plenty of space for everybody and room for all our hobbies and interests. Some of us grow up wanting a smaller home, just big enough for our needs – cozy, but with a place for everything.  A big house can offer a growing family room to expand, accommodating each member’s changing needs and allowing them their own space. A small house, on the other hand, can be ideal for an older family or for a couple who wants to downsize. What is the Average House Size? It’s no lie that, overall, people like their space. In 1970, an average house square footage of 1,200 was… Read more »

A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Home Building

Everything You Need to Know About Designing Your Custom Home Starting the process of custom home building may feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking but with the right help, support and guidance it is something everyone can achieve. In this blog, we’ll discuss the factors you need to consider when starting to custom-build your dream home. Following these tips, and talking to a reputable custom home designer and builder, will help the building process go smoother and feel less intimidating. Getting Started with Your Custom Home Every great project has to start somewhere. When starting to build your custom home, you need to take care of these details before you start construction. According to WOWA’s article Steps to Building a Custom Home in Canada, there are several steps to consider but the… Read more »

How Much Will It Cost to Lift My House?

Your House Lift Price Questions Answered With rising land values and a low stock real estate market in Victoria, BC, the cost to lift a house and build downwards is becoming a popular alternative to moving. If your family needs more living space or your foundation requires a repair or upgrade, a house lift might be the most cost-efficient solution. Whether you want to add a new basement or protect your home against potential damage from severe floods, the total price of raising your home will vary based on the scale of the project. The best way to determine a house lift price and ensure a smooth process is to consult experts for an estimate. However, if you’re still weighing your options, a rough idea of the lifting process and… Read more »

Why Choose a Custom Build Over a Prefab Home?

Prefab vs Custom Home: Which Is Better? As the housing inventory in Victoria, BC struggles to meet growing demand, many prospective homeowners are torn between two alternatives: prefab vs custom home. A prefab or prefabricated home is partially constructed in a factory or plant before it is shipped to the construction site. In contrast, a custom home is a stick-built home built on the construction site according to your needs and preferences. In recent years, manufacturers of prefab homes have championed modular housing as a cheaper, faster, and greener alternative to traditional homes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these claims and explore why custom homes are the better option in the long run. What Are the Advantages of Prefab Homes? Prefab homes have been around since… Read more »

Best Exterior Finishings For Your Home

Exterior House Finishes: from Stucco to Hardieplank and Everything in Between When you are planning to buy a custom home there are a lot of decisions to be made, and one of the most important is the type of exterior finish you want. The type of siding or other exterior finish you choose for your home will be one of the first things people notice as they drive by or come over to visit.  It’s important to take the time to consider all your options when it comes to types of siding – from stucco to Hardieplank and everything in between.  At LIDA Homes, we want to provide you with reliable and honest information so you can make the best choices for your new home’s exterior siding. Picking the right… Read more »

Modern Farmhouse to Contemporary – Choosing the Architecture of Your Custom Home

What Architectural Styles Are Popular for Victoria, BC Homes?  For anyone thinking of building their own custom home, one of the biggest decisions to make is the architectural style that the house will have. You want it to be something you enjoy looking at, but will also stand the test of time. While some people prefer traditional home styles and others would choose ultra-contemporary, a custom home offers the ability to combine a classically styled home with contemporary and practical features such as in the modern farmhouse style. The architectural style you choose for your custom home will depend on your style preference, plot location, views, terrain, finish preferences and more. Read on to discover popular home styles that may inspire you. What are the Different Architectural Home Styles? Throughout… Read more »

Kitchen Renovation Costs

What to Expect with a High-End Kitchen Renovation When it comes to a kitchen renovation, how much should you plan to spend on the most important room in your house?  One of the most familiar expressions in real estate market and house building is “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” and it’s easy to see why.   In our modern-day lifestyle, the kitchen is a central hub for families of all shapes and sizes. Because of this, the quality of a kitchen’s design and construction is one of the single largest factors that can determine a home’s value. As a result, the kitchen can often be the one room that can make or break a sale for potential buyers. But how much does a kitchen renovation in Victoria BC cost?… Read more »

Modern Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

The Luxury Kitchen is The Heart of the Home The majority of our time at home is spent in the kitchen and if the home is an open concept design, it’s always in view. Are you happy with this view, or do you dream of more features, more space, more style? At LIDA Homes, we design your kitchen not just for how you’ll use it today, but how you’ll use it in the future. When you choose your materials, finishes, layout, location of appliances or a custom island, our design team works closely with you to ensure that the materials will not only look incredible, but function extremely well and stand up to the rigor of daily life. All the while being sized and stacked according to your height, preferences… Read more »